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About Us

MenzFit started with a relatively simple concept: ‘Give a Suit and a Start’ to low-income men. However, we soon recognized that this was not enough.

A large number of our clients have significant barriers that prevent them from performing at their best. In order to really help our clients, MenzFit established the “Work in Progress, Pathways to Employment”.

For several decades, policies and programs that assist low-income individuals to become self-sufficient, have focused primarily on women and children. MenzFit saw another need – Men.

Employers often make judgments about a candidate in seconds, and appearance plays a major role in securing employment.

For many men who may be experiencing unemployment issues, MenzFit is available for their rescue.

MenzFit is taking an active, yet innovative approach in assisting our underserved populations, especially in this increasingly competitive job market. Rhonda E. Willingham, the President and Founder of MenzFit, started this unique program to help men get jobs and become self-sufficient. By their ability to become self-sufficient professionals, our men continue to serve as positive role models to their communities by overcoming challenging obstacles on their path to financial and career stability.

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